UCI Stands by the US Flag


From: UC Irvine Alumni Community Members

To: Our Friends, Our Family, Our Veterans, and to Our Nation.

This has been a challenging week for our campus community at the University of California, Irvine. The campus has received a large amount of negative publicity in regards to a piece of legislation passed by only six members of the legislative body – a resolution that proclaims no flags, American or otherwise, are to be displayed within Student Government offices.

We write to show our support for a symbol of a nation, the American Flag, that demonstrates unity and opportunity, which we have all benefited from. As alumni of UC Irvine, we write in support of the University and the Executive Cabinet decision to veto Resolution 50-70. We look forward to working with the campus and current students to achieve & sustain greatness.

Below are the signatures of people who believe in the United States flag for which it stands: sacrifices of our veterans, freedom of expression and protection of democracy. With this in mind, we believe that true Americans and Anteaters do not implore violence, threats and defamation as a solution to differences of opinions. Zot Zot.

Best Regards,

Join us in supporting the flag and sign below!

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The letter with signatures will be sent to local, state, and federal elected officials.

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