Rules of the ARC


Its my third year here and somehow it still surprises me how big of a zoo the ARC can be at the beginning of the year (not that its THAT much better by the end).

  1. If you are in a frat or sorority, you are required to wear a neon shirt with your greek letters on it.
  2. If you use dumbbells, you must never put them back where they belong
  3. Grunt. If you are straining yourself even the slightest, grunt. Bitches love grunting.
  4. Get your nasty crotch sweat all over the bike seat, and never wipe it off.
  5. Go with 5 or 6 friends and just hang out, taking up space. Occupy each machine you use for as long as possible. Nobody else wants to use it.
  6. If you’re in a non-competitive intramural league, take it super seriously. Yell at the refs (they can take it-thats why they’re paid the big bucks!), and yell at the opposing team.

I miss summer workouts.