Foods to Fight off Cold Season


The next time you’re ordering out, dining in, or cooking at home, consider adding one of these super foods to the menu.

Want to avoid those pesky winter colds and all their miserable consequences? Then start paying attention to what you eat. Many foods offer essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help strengthen the body against colds and viruses; and if you happen to contract a nasty cold, consuming these foods can drastically reduce its residence in your body.

Vitamin C

Your body’s immune system loves Vitamin C. This vitamin helps the body bolster its ability to fight invaders. Good sources of Vitamin C include 100% orange juice, hot peppers, bell peppers, dark leafy greens, mangos, and guavas.


Recent studies show that zinc can reduce the length of the typical cold. When taken regularly either by supplement or in the diet, zinc can help the body fight off colds. Good zinc sources include oysters, red meat, fortified breakfast cereal, and beans.


Italian food anyone? Garlic is a super food in regards to combating colds. This tiny gem contains allicin which assists the body in fighting infections. Although cooked garlic still contains allicin, consuming garlic raw provides the most benefit. Consider chopping one clove daily and sprinkling raw garlic on sandwiches, salads, and over dinner dishes.

Although eating these foods can’t guarantee that you’ll skip catching a winter cold, they can decrease the chances that you will. Some studies support that taking zinc at the onset of a cold can drastically reduce the cold’s duration. So the next time you’re ordering out, dining in, or cooking at home, considering adding one of these super foods to the menu.

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