So, for the sake of science, UCI actually has a nuclear reactor. It’s true.

If you’re already concerned about radioactivity, then that’s another reason to get your act together to graduate as quickly as you can. Regardless of if it’s scary or not, the nuclear reactor at UCI helps chemistry students learn about themselves. It’s true. Taking a strand of your hair, and applying aspects of the nuclear reactor, it is then possible to radioactively measure chemicals in your hair that you would never have known are on you.

By using radioactive measurements of a person’s hair, it is now easier than ever to trace a sample to a person. In other words, thanks to a nuclear reactor, finger prints aren’t only on your fingers, but in your hair—your hair, when radioactively measured, showcases chemicals so unique to yourself, that it acts as a finger print. This is just one more example of how science puts criminals behind bars.

As intimidating as a nuclear reactor can be to have on campus, it’s just one more reason to be a proud anteater—how many universities do you know about that has a you-know-what? If anything, you can always say “my school can beat up, er, blow up your school.” That being said, again, even the most intimidating structures, a nuclear reactor, can help society—in this case, by helping future officials put criminals away for a long, long time.

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