From: UC Irvine Alumni Community Members

To: Our Friends, Our Family, Our Veterans, and to Our Nation.

This has been a challenging week for our campus community at the University of California, Irvine. The campus has received a large amount of negative publicity in regards to a piece of legislation passed by only six members of the legislative body – a resolution that proclaims no flags, American or otherwise, are to be displayed within Student Government offices.

We write to show our support for a symbol of a nation, the American Flag, that demonstrates unity and opportunity, which we have all benefited from. As alumni of UC Irvine, we write in support of the University and the Executive Cabinet decision to veto Resolution 50-70. We look forward to working with the campus and current students to achieve & sustain greatness.

Below are the signatures of people who believe in the United States flag for which it stands: sacrifices of our veterans, freedom of expression and protection of democracy. With this in mind, we believe that true Americans and Anteaters do not implore violence, threats and defamation as a solution to differences of opinions. Zot Zot.

Best Regards,

Join us in supporting the flag and sign below!

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The letter with signatures will be sent to local, state, and federal elected officials.

200 supporters

Jeremy Dircks
Class of 2010 ASUCI Judicial Board Chair 2009 - 2010; Lieutenant JG - US Navy
After leaving the university a proud alum, I was livid at the announcement of the resolution to ban the flag. This country has always stood as a refuge for those seeking a better life and opportunity they could not find elsewhere. The flag has been the symbol of that life and opportunity. I will fulfill my oath to support and defend this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic; I ask that we not tarnish the colors my brothers and sister have sacrificed for.
Christopher Proffitt
Alum '08-12, Active Duty Service Member
Michael Han
Class of 2011, UCI
Alli Breton
Class of 2001, ASUCI Greek Life Commissioner 2000-2001
Jason Lee
Class of 2014, UC Irvine Student Fee Advisory Committee Vice Chair 2010 - 2011
Sophie Tran
Class of 2010, Garden Grove Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Brian Nguyen
Class of 2007, Garden Grove Traffic Commissioner
Olivia Lee
Class of 2010, ASUCI Legislative Council, At Large Representative 2009-2010, UCSA Legislative Affairs Vice Chair 2009-2010
Andrew Chou
Class of 2000, UCI Alumni Association
Christian Medero
Class of 2012, ASUCI Academic Affairs Vice President 2009-2010
Jeremy Dircks
Class of 2010 ASUCI Judicial Board Chair 2009 - 2010; Lieutenant JG - US Navy
Sitara Nayudu
Class of 2012, ASUCI President 2010 – 2011
Vikram Nayudu
Class of 2013, ASUCI President 2011 – 2012
Logan Frick
Class of 2011, ASUCI Administrative Affairs Vice President 2010 - 2011
Abdullah Siddiqui
Class of 2013, ASUCI Judicial Board Chair 2011 - 2012, ASUCI Student Advocate General 2012 - 2013
Calvin Sung
Class of 2010, UC Council on Student Fees Chair 2009-2010, UC Irvine Student Fee Advisory Committee Chair 2009-2010
Jack Pan
Class of 2013, ASUCI Legislative Council, Physical Sciences Representative 2011
Jason A Tran
Class of 2010, President, IEEE 2009-2010
Erik Christensen
Class of 2010, Co-Founder and Co-President – Student Veterans Union 2010 – 2011, SGT US Army
Angelo S. del Carmen
Class of 2011 ASUCI Greek Life Liaison 2010-2011
Grant Rutledge
Alum '08-12, Current Ph.D student UC Irvine
Sandra Cordero
Class of 2010
Viola Van
Class of 2012
Viola Van
Class of 2012
Riddhi Khatri
Class of 2012, Henry Semuli School of Engineering
Edward Joe Kim
Class of 2015
Riddhi Khatri
Class of 2012, Henry Semuli School of Engineering
Calvin Choi
UCI Undergraduate Student
Savannah Ryan
Nithin Jilla
Class of 2013, Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences
Ryan Cohen
Class of 2013
Geoffrey Tucker
UCI Undergraduate Student, Computer Science
Emily Provenzano
Class of 2017
Danielle page
Shivani Patel
Class of 2015
Cambrey Vasconez
Class of 2011, B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior, Education, UCI
To take down the flag I and the many before me and the many who will and have spilled blood for is like spitting on our graves.
Garrett Gunnar Jones
combat veteran
Cassidy Hutchins
Class of 2015, UC Irvine
Alex Crutchfield
Yale University
Kevin Grochow
Alumni Class of '07
Lea La Croix
Alumni-Class of 2011
Class of 2015
I support our flag. I support this great school and it's peers.
Devin Meza
Undergraduate Student in the Social Sciences
Christina Smith
Robert Petrosyan
UC Irvine Class of 2017
Francisco Williams
Class of 2014
Devin Held
Class of 2015, UCI
Jessica Shi
current undergraduate
Brittanee Moss
uci alumni
I support he American flag at UCI!
Daniel Perez
Joseph Guo
Class of 2011, UCI
Jon Shubin
Patriot, C/O 2013, Mechanical Engineer
This issue has been blown way out of proportion because the online media has done a horrible job attracting attention to the matter through misinformation and misleading headlines. UCI students do not hate America and no one here thinks the symbol of our great country's heritage should be abolished.
Carrie Lewis
In support of UCI, I remain in solidarity to it and my country.
Yuder Shinshin Tsai
UCI, Drama Student, Asian American, Native to America
damn hippies
Misty lucero
Cheers! #poundsign
Chris Juelch
2007 BS Anthropology
Katrina Yip
Class of 2016
Melissa Garcia
Class of 2017, Undergraduate Student
Erin Kiley
Class of 2014
Allie Bognacki
Jon David Soriano
Class of 2016, UCI
Jacqueline Wu
Class of 2011
We choose to see the horror but I choose to see the greatness in our flag. Those who choose to see the horror need to grow up and get smart !
Anthony M Lewis
Sr. international studies major
Austin Julius Kim
Class of 2012, UCI Alumni Association
Alex Chrisopoulos
Class of 2005
Mickey Hsu
Marlo Pabon
Class of 2008
Andrew Windle
Gwen Tram
Class of 2016, UCI
Dennis Han
UCI Class of 2015
Rebecca Balestieri
God Bless America!
Tyrone J. Widjaja
Class of 2015
Jaime Higareda
Class of 2015, University of California Irvine
Sherry Tseng
Colin Massey
Class of 2017
Parker Daum
Christina Kartashyan
Class of 2016
Amanda Napier
Class of 2008, ASUCI Academic Affairs Vice President 2007-2008
UCI Alum - Class of 1978
Nina Tran
Respect, not contempt. Keep the flag!
Arezu Etemadieh
Family Member of Alumni & Staff
Alexandra Nguyen
Class of 2008
Scott Winterstein
General Manager, Anthill Pub & Grille
Sean Silverio
Class of 2012, ASUCI Academic Affairs Chief of Staff 2011-2012
Carly Lynn Honig
Class of 2012. Double Bachelors Degree in Criminology, Law & Society and Drama
Michelle Tao
UCI Undergraduate in Public Health | Class of 2015
I support the American flag.
Nha Nguyen
Undergraduate Student
At least fly the flag for those who make sacrifices for the freedom to take it down if you wish.
Hannah Knox
US Army
Yiyang Susanna Liang
Class of 2018, UCI
Khrystal Alas
Chris German
Bryanna Enriquez
student 2016
Class of 2017
Xavier G.
Class of 2015, UCI
Catherine Bersinger
Class of 2016, Cognitive Psychology Major
Jacqueline Westling
Class of 2012
Alanna Ho
Cassandra Salinas
Class of 2012, School of Humanities, B.A. in English
Akufayerem Nwede
Class of 2010, UCI Alumni Association - Orange County Chapter 2010
Nikki Kathuria
UC Irvine Student, ASUCI Academic Affairs VP 2014-2015
Marlen Gomez
Student Class of 2016
Andrew An
Alli Breton
Class of 2001; 2000-2001 ASUCI Greek Life Commissioner
USA all day everyday.
Justin Ko
UCI Alumni class 2010, UCR Student Affairs Officer
Carissa Cruz
ASUCI 2008-2012: SPFB Intern, EVP Publicity Commissoiner, Elections Commisioner, BioSci Representative Legislative Council
Victoria lee
Class of 2013
Katrina Ordoñez
Undergraduate in the School of Physical Sciences and Ayala School of Biological Sciences, Class of 2016
Dan Wheeler
Tae Yeon Yoo
Lee Darling
BS Urban Studies 2011, MURP 2013
George Liaw
Daniel Kim
Class of 2015
Lawrence McDaniel
tax paying American citizen
Stacey Song
Class of 2010
Karrie Ferrell
Aric Barreras
Class of 2013, UCI
Kitty Ho
Class of 2011, UCI IEEE Secretary 2010-2011
David Curry
Class of 2011, ASUCI Student Fee Advisory Committee Member 2009 - 2011, Co-Founder of Alpha Psi Omega Veterans Professional Fraternity 2011, Iraq War Veteran - United States Marine Corps
I born here. Proud to be America!
Peter Lee
Lamba Phi Epsilon
Robert Miranda
Maria Barajas
Class of 2016
Suraj Sampath
Class of 2014, UCI
Class of 2017
William Anderson
Class of 2016
I stand by Old Glory.
Yufan Wang
United States of America
Abdullah Siddiqui
2013 Alumni, Former Student Advocate General 2013, Judicial Board Chair 2012
Mark Mastromonaco
Class of 2013
Angie Cano
Class of 2015, UCI
God bless America
Chris Zoltek
Uci class of 2012
Beverly Hirschberg Ziegler
Class of 2000
Michelle Kao
class of 2015
Robert McLogan
Zot on <3
Jacky So
Class of 2010; ASUCI Campus Events Commissioner 2007-2008, Homecoming Queen 2010, Resident Advisor 2009-2010, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Biomedical Sciences Class of 2016 President
Anthony Tran
Don't punish all UCI students the choices 6 students made.
Paola Vasquez-Polanco
Christine Joy de Leon
Class of 2009; ASUCI Judicial Board Vice Chair & Chair 2008-2009
Marisa Ashlie Machak
University of California, Irvine Alumni, Class of 2010
I am aghast at how awful this turned out and how poorly the news media portrayed the event. If it were not for the news channels and articles, there would not be so many threats to our school.
Erin Lacour
Jamison Judge
Class of 2011
Javier Vargas
Alumnus '09
kevin lee
Class of 2012, UCI
Cheryl Estrada
Kristen Segismundo
Class of 2016
Zot! Zot! Zot!
Mey Na Kheng
Christian Medero
Class of 2012, ASUCI Academic Affairs Vice President 2009-2010
Proud to be American. I proudly display the US flag at my house. 'Murica
Chris Hurst
class of 2013, UCI
Stephanie Marsano
Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences, Undergraduate Class of 2015
We need to stand up and believe in something and not compromise what unites us as a nation. Our flag represents our values and priniciples that gives us our freedom.
Mark Paredes
Class of 1999, UCI
I believe and agree to letter
Yingying Guan
Benjamin T. Shanthikumar
Class of 2012, UC Irvine ASCE Student Chapter President 2011-2012
Kelli Chew
Kristine Johnston
UC Irvine Class of 2016
Class of 2015
Nelly Perdomo
The flag symbolizes inclusion and acceptance of differences within a country made up of people from all over the world. The flag symbolizes this acceptance of cultural differences and should not be taken away and seen as an object which is inherently exclusive. Furthermore, the University of California system is a government subsidized institution, therefore has every right and duty to wave the flag of the country which funds it. If a private institution decides not to wave the flag, fine, that is a private decision; but UCI is a state and federally funded university, therefore should be reflective of the great educational system which we hold dear.
UCI Alumni
Michelle L Huang
Henry Samueli School of Engineering, IEEE President 2011-2012
Long live Old Glory.
Alexander Kempf
Class of 2014
if it weren't for the country the flag represents, there would be no UCI
Bill Sandreuter
Those 6 students SHOULD at the least be relieved of their office & preferably expelled for hatred towards the country that gives them freedom of speach & a much better life!
Jim Southerd
John Skelly
Class of 2009
Elizabeth Lang
Class of 2012; Southern California Institute for Research and Education, Department of Veterans Affairs
Darren Lee
UC Irvine Class of 2017
Larissa Insogna
class of 2009
Seraphim Telep
Class of 2017
Nidia E. Barrios
Class of 2013, UCIAA, current staff member
I stand with all of you in solidarity for American pride and patriotism!
Laura Salerno
UCI Staff Member and proud daughter of a U.S. Army Veteran
Jason Toma
Class of 2007 & University Advancement
Kathy Sah-Kakiba
UCI Staff
I sign this letter in support for a symbol of a nation, the American Flag, that demonstrates unity and opportunity. As alumni of UC Irvine, I write in support of the University and the Executive Cabinet decision to veto Resolution 50-70. I stand with my fellow anteaters to honor the sacrifice of our veterans; a sacrifice which allows us the freedom of expression and democracy.
Roland Ho
2004' UCI Humanities Alumn
Janice Hopkins
UCI Staff
Roberta Flores
UCI Staff Member
Mickey Shaw
Alumna and Staff, UCI
Marijana Lekousis
Class of 2004
Nick John Hopkins
US Army Paratrooper and UCI Alumni 1992
George Mavritsakis
C/O 2011
Kyle Teague
Class of '15 - Pi Kappa Alpha
Kevin Lu
Class of 2015, UC Irvine
Carissa shaw
Katelyn Eyerly
undergraduate student
I stand by the US flag and its place at UCI.
felix nguyen
UCI alumni
Bri Nelson
UCI Alumni
Caitlin Thomas
Teresa Yeh
Gamma Phi Beta
All nationalities under one nation
Jody Au Yeung
UCI Alumni
Total support of the US Flag. Without this flag, non-of these people would be where they are today. This flag represents our nation, if these people do not support this flag, they do not deserve the funding/grants from the government that enable the education at this institution.
Sally Cheung
Class of 1977
I believe in the US Flag
Nadya Garcia
Brad Losey, USMC
Class of 1999
Marilyn Leider
alumna, 2013
I was embarrassed by my University for the whole issue and lack of leadership over the student council. I read the Chancellors response and he minimizes the affair by stating it is just a few students in a small area of the University . We all know that is true in fact but baloney in principle as we have seen the Liberal education on campus continue to deteriorate our National and for many , our moral values. Yes, students should be allowed to express themselves with opposing view points , heaven forbid that Judio Christian values, National pride in what the USA stands here and around the world ever get replaced by the continued Moral and National relativism the campus seems to applaud nowadays ( in less of course they get caught being over the top like these student LEADERS)
Philip Butler MD
class of 1776 Biological Sciences cum laude
Jennifer Ramirez
UCI Alumn
Wilma F. Lee
Alumna '65, UCI California College of Medicine
Denorah Cotyon
Loc Le
Class of '94
Lori Norris
UCI, Class of 1995
COL (Ret) - Our Flag represents the freedom and opportunity to voice our opinion.
Grant Edward Smith, Ph.D.
UCI Alumni Association, Life Member
David Weinreich
Alum, Class of '11, Doctoral Candidate University of Michigan
We are a great nation. UCI is a part of this great nation. I hope UCI will continue to have the freedom to proudly fly our flag!
Brenda Best
U.S. Navy Veteran, California Educator and UCI parent
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