So now that I’m a second year at UCI, I realized how many things I regret not doing that I should have done during my freshman year.

As a freshman and newbie in college, there is an overwhelming amount of extracurriculars to explore. College is FILLED with activities and there are so many ways to spend your time. SO, here are the steps to how to make the most out of your freshman year.

#1 Get Involved

If you enjoy leadership, then this is for you! Remember when I said college is filled with activities? I’ll just list a few for you right now. There’s ASUCI, Anteater Mentorship Program (AMP), Campus Representatives, Greek Life, and over 550 campus organizations!!!:O UCI has so many leadership opportunities. Personally, I feel like it’s always better to start from the very beginning instead of midway. SO, joining things your FIRST year and not your second or third, or fourth… It even looks better on your resume when you say you’ve been in an organization from the moment you could (freshman year) to finish (senior year) #ballliinnn. It shows that you’ve committed to something for a full period. So visit this website and see what campus clubs you’d be interested in joining. You’ll meet endless new people and make new best friends you thought you couldn’t!

#2 Be Social

All throughout your first year, expect to meet people all the time. Everyday during the first 2 months of school, I met at least one or two new people. As exciting new freshies, almost all first years around you will be fluff balls of joy, wanting to meet new people all around them. So be open minded! Go out and talk to the people in your dorm/hall. Get to know at least the people who live on your floor. If you’re shy, this is YOUR time to pop that bubble you’re encased in. People won’t approach you if you don’t look very conversational or uninterested, so you gotta be WILLING! And if all else fails, leave your dorm room door opened as a silent way of saying you want them to come in and say hello.

#3 Study

Freshman year is definitely all about exploring, opening new doors, and living a new life compared to all your other years of schooling. BUT, you CANNOT let yourself get carried away. College is EXTREMELY different from high school. You don’t have so many HW assignments or tests to make up your grade. In college, your grade is made up of two to three tests comprised of midterms and a final. Also, you won’t be able to check up on your grades on those online grade reports like you did in high school. So DON’T SCREW UP! Really try hard not to miss lectures/discussions (you’ll be missing a lot more information than you think). Lectures=Professor Talking. Professor Talking=Knowing the material on TESTS. Knowing material on tests=an A. Revolve your class schedule around your comfortable times, times you know you’ll be able to be wide awake for. You do not want to take advantage of your first year because the next thing you know, you’ll be looking at those C’s on your transcript! >.< or WORSE, end up on Academic Probation!! #cringe #saywhaaaa So, I know that was only 3 tips, but those are the most important tips to have as a freshman!! Recap: Get involved on campus: you’ll meet people, be occupied, have fun, and looks good on your resume. Be social: This is the only way you’ll meet people and have a fun college experience. Study: Don’t take advantage of your free time. You are the only in control of your schedule/time management. Remember, your transcript still needs those A’s and B’s to land a job! Have fun and here are some helpful websites you can refer to!

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