Keeping your body engaged reduces stress, improves focus, and can increase the quality of your sleep.

With Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how to burn those extra calories. Just a few simple modifications to your daily routines can make a big difference. Here are three great ways to burn off that Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey, and delicious holiday cookies.

Park Far Away

Instead of trying to find the closest parking spot available, park in the spot farthest from the store. Walking those extra feet really add up if you do it consistently, whenever you’re running errands or treating yourself to a nice meal out. Exceptions to this rule should always be dark or dimly lit parking lots—your personal safety should always take precedence.

Take the Stairs

Skip elevators and escalators and take the stairs. In malls, in office buildings, and in school buildings, opt to work out your lower half and commit to walking up and walking down the stairs. Stairs exist as a great cardio workout as well, as they help tone the entire body. Want to burn extra calories? Get those arms involved and pumping, and consider taking the steps two at a time.

Stretch Twice a Day

Get into the habit of stretching when you wake up and before you go to bed. Stretching is a great way to help the body relieve tension, improve circulation, and increase flexibility. A simple ten to fifteen minute routine should be adequate to stretch all the major parts of your body. An effective stretch should be held for at least fifteen seconds. For those looking for a more challenging routine, try a quick yoga workout twice daily.

Everyone’s got a busy schedule, and those schedules will only become more hectic during the upcoming holidays. Work with your schedule, and include brief exercise when you can. Keeping your body engaged reduces stress, improves focus, and can increase the quality of your sleep. These three tips are easy to incorporate into any lifestyle—what are you waiting for?

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