Q: Will you ever post to Twitter or Facebook without my permission?
A: No, never.

Q: If I’ve already created a Zot Report account by signing up with either Twitter or Facebook, what will happen if I try to sign in with the other?
A: This will create a new Medium account that won’t be linked to your previous account. That’s bad. If you’d prefer to log in to your existing account with Facebook, first sign in with Twitter and then go to your Zot Report settings and connect to Facebook. After you do this, you’ll be able to login with either service. If you signed up with Facebook, you cannot connect your account to Twitter at this time, and must always sign in with Facebook.

Q: If I sign up with Facebook, can I link my Twitter account in my Zot Report settings?
A: Not yet.

Q: Can I create a Zot Report account if I don’t want to sign up with Facebook or Twitter.
A: No.

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