This past weekend, my friend and I decided to do some exploring of Irvine on our own.

The plan was to go to the mall, watch movies, do some major shopping and just have a good time – and we did! The day started in a funny enough way for us because we took the wrong bus and instead of going to Irvine Spectrum, we somehow ended up at Fashion Island. We were so lucky that we ended up at Fashion Island, if not, we would have been lost and the day would have taken a turn for the worst. This incident made for a really good laugh!

We walked to Edwards Cinema at Fashion Island and watched “Best man holiday” – It was an amazing movie, which made me laugh, cry and smile. I do not want to go into details about the movie for those still planning on watching it but yeah, I REALLY liked the movie. After the movie, I was ready to buy some new outfits and sweaters for my wardrobe and as always, I went to Forever21 (one of my favorite stores!). Because of how cold (well, cold for Southern California) it gets at Irvine in the winter, I knew I just had to stock up on some warm, cozy sweaters and I did. Forever 21 always have so many cute collections of sweaters to choose from – everything from oversized sweaters to statement sweaters to Mickey Mouse sweaters – so I definitely had many options.

A few shops
A few shops

We entered Forever21 through the main entrance and since that was our first time being there, we did not know that there were so many other stores and restaurants within the plaza. Realizing this was a YAY moment for me and it just reminded me of the malls that I frequent when I go home. Christmas décor was also being hung, so it was a nice early reminder that Christmas is just around the corner and I am definitely looking forward to it. We wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory, but the line was too long and we did not have the time to wait – Sad. Next time for sure, we plan on dining at Cheesecake Factory and it will definitely be a nice location for birthday dinners with friends. After all the craziness of shopping, we settled down and ate spicy chicken while having a nice conversation. Although it wasn’t the original plan for the day, I enjoyed the unexpected change of plans.

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