Do these tunnels exist? Well, you’re never alone in UCI, up top or down below.

Prof. Herbert of the Art department once commented that there exists a subterranean system of tunnels under the ring mall. Supposedly, these tunnels are not lonesome tracks, for graffiti dots the tunnels. Some graffiti are just random pictures, others some emo philosophy. Either way, you’re never alone in UCI, up top or down below.

UCI was founded in the 1960s with an architectural plan that discourages the (easy) possibility of student protest, a common aspect of student life in neighboring UC’s, such as Berkeley, at the time. In fact, Aldrich Park’s design has the purpose of not only looking great and creating an escape for burnt out students, but also to further discourage the rallying of students.

But we’ve seen the rallies. They exist from time to time. They might not be as grand as others—is it because Irvine is so laid back? One possibility is UCI actually working against the students. But let’s say a ginormous rally is a’comin’—students’ bills have been rising—hat then? The tunnels. The faculty would use the underground system against the students. No, not in a violent way. Merely as an escape route. Sure National guardsmen can come in, but professors and innocent, scared students can also flee. Jut the same, a demonstration with no audience can’t be effective.

So is it real? There seems to be a bit too much information about it, such as the stats of the tunnels being one and a quarter mile long. Full of concrete, badly lit, and horrible ventilation, these tunnels connect to the basements of UCI’s original 1960 buildings.

We warn you—it is very easy to get lost in these tunnels. Prof. Herbet even elaborated how a group of staff with no drill on the tunnels simply got lost…

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