• Top 10 Schools at UCI And the most popular schools at UCI are… School / Students* Social Sciences / 4,819 Biological Sciences / 4,568 Engineering / 3,564 Social Ecology and Social Behavior / 2,565 Humanities / 2,271 Info and Computer Sci / 1,365 Business / 1,271 Undeclared / 1,217 Physical Sciences / 1,193 Arts / 977 Public Health / 832 […] 0 Comments 0 min read June 9, 2015
  • Curb Kings What Red Bull Collegiate Curb Kings invites local skateboarders across all campuses of Orange County to showcase their skills and win the best trick contests, alongside several professional and amateur skaters, including Seven-time Manny Mania champion Joey Brezinski. OC Ramps will be building a series of curb-like obstacles along with their legendary ramps for the […] 0 Comments 2 min read April 4, 2015
  • Spring Break Adventures Recently, my friends from Northern California visited me – and I took them on a SoCal adventure! One of the many things Southern California is known for is its cheap, but delicious food – so we went on a lot of different food excursions. I picked them up at Union Stations in Los Angeles and […] 0 Comments 2 min read March 30, 2015
  • Leaving You Parents for College One of the most challenging things about your first year in college is going to be your parents. For 18 or so years you have followed their rules and the decisions that affect your life are often in their hands. Now as you go away to college those decisions become yours, and the power your […] 0 Comments 3 min read March 24, 2015
  • Study Rooms at the Transfer Student Center One more week till finals, so it is study time! I found myself a really nice, quiet and comfortable location where I can study and do my homework in the Transfer Student Center (TSC). I like studying in study rooms because I do not get the distraction of things going on around me – it […] 0 Comments 2 min read March 9, 2015
  • Top 10 Most Popular Undergraduate Majors at UCI This may come as no surprise to many… Major / Students* Biological Sciences / 2,867 Undeclared / 2,151 Business Economics / 1,410 Psychology and Social Behavior / 1,322 Computer Science / 1,203 Criminology, Law and Society / 907 Political Science / 779 Psychology / 749 Pharmaceutical Sciences / 741 Public Health Sciences / 708 Mechanical […] 0 Comments 1 min read March 3, 2015
  • Red Bull Switchboard 15 Join 700 SoCal students and Red Bull athletes at Red Bull Switchboard What Red Bull Switchboard invites 700 college students to participate in a quintessential Southern California action sports driven day: surfing in the morning and snowboarding in the afternoon. On Saturday, March 21, students from San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, along with […] 0 Comments 1 min read March 3, 2015
  • Valentine’s Weekend I think last weekend might have been the best weekend of my year so far. To me celebrating Valentine’s Day is not just about spending it with a significant other, but also a day where I like to celebrate the valuable friendships I have with people. Saturday, my friend and I attended a Banda concert/dance […] 0 Comments 2 min read February 16, 2015
  • Midterm Season: Food Adventures When it’s midterm season, no one really wants to cook, so going out for food in generally what my friends and I do! So one day we just decided to go restaurant hopping! Actually, I can’t really call it food hopping since we had all Mexican food cravings, but it was at different places at […] 0 Comments 3 min read February 5, 2015
  • Fashionable Experience at Fashion Island This past weekend, my friend and I decided to do some exploring of Irvine on our own. The plan was to go to the mall, watch movies, do some major shopping and just have a good time – and we did! The day started in a funny enough way for us because we took the […] 0 Comments 2 min read January 28, 2015

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